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Quick and Friendly Locksmith Montreal

  SHAY Professional locksmith services. We are on call 24h Expert in everything such Key Replacement and we are ready for all Emergencies and questions about ou locksmith service

e. If you have a Lock Rekey only depend on us and you will get shay to the rescue. We have already entered in the Highest technology. If you’ve forgotten keys we can replace them for you in matter of few min. Improve the safety of your home with updated door locks. We take care of your home and property very seriously. In reality it’s our number #1 care when it comes to SHAY Montreal professional locksmith services, you can trust on us perform the task done when we say we will, and at the best price.

Enfermé dehors? Lost or Broken Keys? We have got it covered! Our lock entry methods are non- noxious and we are equipped with all the latest equipment ensuring a fast and reliable service in Montreal. With SHAY Locksmith you know you’re safe and that your back is covered. We’ve got our 24 Hours Emergency shay Locksmith standing by ready to aid you within a matter of minutes, and let us show you how it feels to be safe. Our workers are well-trained and have a good experience to assist you. We are obliged to providing quality service to Montréal apartments, entreprises, and homeowners.
Our Pricing = $35 Service call + la main d'oeuvre & les coûts de matériel
Base Fee
Service Call Fee (Visiting the customer) $35 Fixed rate
Additional Fees
Re-keying starting at $18 *
Lockout Service: Commercial, Residential or Safe starting at $65 *
Changing Locks starting at $45 *
Fresh Installation (Door without a cut out for the lock) starting at $65 *
Car Key Making starting at $85 **
Ignition Change starting at $135 **
Transponder Key Programming (Key with a chip) starting at $55 **
Automotive Key Extraction (Key broken off or stuck in ignition) starting at a non refundable $85 deposit **
* Ce coût est une estimation minimum pour le travail respectif. Le coût final variera. Cela dépendra du niveau de sécurité du système de verrouillage ainsi que les frais de main-d'œuvre.
** Ce coût est une estimation minimum pour le travail respectif. Every key/ignition is uniquely built and cut therefore, le coût final variera. Cela dépendra de la complexité du travail et du coût de programmation si associé.
Note importante: The total amount payable will be $35 service call fee + Labor Cost + Hardware or Locks Cost (if bought). Please also take into notice that our dispatch team can only give an approximate estimate of the cost for the task, based on explanation of the situation given by a customer on phone. The actual complexity or situation may differ in reality, therefore the costs may vary.

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